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Claire Schwartz


Programme and PPI Manager NIHR ARC Oxford and Thames Valley

I previously worked on cardiovascular research in Bristol, Birmingham and here at Oxford Primary Care Health Sciences, with a particular interest in improving the management of hypertension. I was involved in large clinical trials and studies and gained experience of quantitative and qualitative analysis.

I had the opportunity to manage the self-management research theme of the Oxford CLAHRC (Collaboration for leadership in Applied Health Research and Care) programme and I am delighted to take up a bigger management role for the Oxford and Thames Valley Applied Research Collaboration (ARC). It is exciting to have the opportunity to support and develop collaboration between researchers and health care workers to improve day-to-day care in the NHS.

Part of my role is to lead on patient and public involvement (PPI) in the ARC. I have experience of working with patients and the public in research, and using their expertise and unique perspective. I am now looking forward to continuing this work with patients and the public to find out how to use this valuable resource to its full potential across the ARC collaboration.

Recent publications