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This research programme combines research at two levels: 1) Individual level interventions, where we use digital technologies (SwapSHOP app) to help support individuals to make food choices which have less saturated fat, salt and sugar and 2) Environmental level interventions, where we evaluate natural experiments and trials within supermarkets to improve the quality of food shopping through partnership with major UK retailers. 

Part of our Changing Behaviours for Better Health and Preventing Disease research theme



  • Our research aims to contribute evidence for effective interventions within supermarkets and at the individual level to help improve the health and environmental sustainability of consumer food choices;
  • Secondly we aim to help reduce dietary health inequalities among UK consumers



  • Development of a smartphone app (SwapSHOP) which works on all iPhone and Android devices and provides healthier alternatives to popular food products
  • Academic publications and conference presentations to disseminate research findings
  • Engagement with wider retail groups and other important stakeholders, including policy (PHE). Charities (Food Foundation, Guys St Thomas) to increase the adoption of effective interventions which help improve diet and health across the population.


Expected Impact

  • Supporting healthier food choices with less saturated fat, salt and sugar
  • Clinical resource for people diagnosed with chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease
  • Progress to a wider national roll out if the feasibility of the app is successful
  • Wider national roll out for in store interventions that prove to be effective

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