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Care home staff can access different NHS services to support a physically unwell care home resident. This study explores care home staff views and experiences of community-based alternatives to hospital for physically unwell residents. The study will make recommendations on how to support care homes to use community-based alternatives and to prevent hospital admissions.

Part of our Improving Health and Social Care research theme



  • To explore to what extent community-based alternatives to hospital are used by care home staff when a resident physically deteriorates
  • To understand staff experiences (positive and negative) about NHS support offered to physically deteriorating care home residents
  • To explore what, if any, further support is needed by care home staff to enable them to use community-based alternatives to hospital



  1. Identify facilitators and barriers to care home staff using community-based alternatives to hospital
  2. Outline the support needed by care home staff to use community-based alternatives to hospital
  3. Dissemination of findings, including scientific publications, conference presentations, and sharing a summary of the research findings with participating care homes and key partners (such as the AHSN)


Expected Impact

    Evidence shows that community-based alternatives to hospital are positive for patient outcomes and for reducing hospital costs. This study will:

    • Improve understanding of how care homes support their physically deteriorating residents;
    • Identify how well NHS services, including community-based alternatives to hospital, support care homes in the care for their physically unwell residents;
    • Make recommendations on how to address barriers to using community-based alternatives, thus enabling care home residents to receive hospital type treatment in their familiar environment and to reduce hospital admissions.

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