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This project will help us to understand how referral by healthcare professionals to community support such as befriending or volunteering groups (“social prescribing”) might help people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). The project will engage directly with people with MCI to identify the support they find important and beneficial, and will lay the groundwork for future research in this currently neglected area.  

Part of our Improving Health and Social Care research theme



  • to understand the unmet needs and priorities of patients with MCI in relation to their health and wellbeing
  • to inform the development of a feasibility study into the implementation of social prescribing to support people with MCI



  • A report detailing the experiences and perspectives of patients with MCI
  • Visual representations of patients’ stories, for example through short films, to be shared with health professionals and wider audiences


Expected Impact

  • Improved understanding of the experiences and perspectives of patient with MCI shared with key stakeholders.
  • Guidance on the design and key factors important for developing a more comprehensive scientific study of how social prescribing might help people with MCI.

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