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A James Lind Alliance (JLA) Priority Setting Partnership (PSP) bringing together patients, carers and clinicians to identify the top 10 research priorities for community nursing.

Part of our Improving Health and Social Care research theme

Further information and updates:

  • The NIHR ARC Oxford is committed to supporting the development of this PSP with a view to securing funding to deliver research based on the outcomes of this project.



  1. To identify the unanswered questions about community nursing from a broad range of patient, carer and clinical perspectives.
  2. To prioritise those questions that patients, carers and clinicians agree are the most important for research to address. 



  • Identifying the top 10 research priorities for community nursing.
  • A final report outlining the findings of the PSP in more detail.
  • Various dissemination activities, including social media, publications, workshops or meetings and presentations, and other materials that can be shared widely among important partners and those able to influence research in community nursing.


Expected Impact

By identifying the shared research priorities for community nursing we hope to influence:

  • the process of community nursing,  making it more efficient, have greater impact and be better suited to patient needs; and
  • to improve the physical and mental health and social care outcomes of those who rely on community nursing.

The Community Nursing Priority Setting Partnership is an NHS and NIHR run initiative, in association with the James Lind Alliance.