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Processes policies and plans

For ARC supported staff, researchers or clinicians.

Below you will find links to all NIHR ARC OxTV process, policies and plans.

Documents, marked with a "*", are restricted. If you believe you should be able to access these documents, then please email us at

Document linkDescription
ARC OxTV Operations Manual (draft)*How the ARC OxTV operates, roles and responsibilities for ARC OxTV staff and funded researchers
ARC OxTV Management Group ToR*

Draft terms of reference for Operational Management Group members.
MS Teams link)

Patient and public involvement strategy (2019- Feb 2020)How the ARC OxTV will support embed public involvement. For anyone.
Communications plan (2019-2020)*The NIHR ARC OxTV Communications Plan for the first year. For internal ARC OxTV staff and theme use.
(MS Teams link)
Open access publications policy

For all staff, researchers and clinicians publishing work in scientific journals.

Publications Checklist

Easy to follow downloadable guide for publications
(Note: yet to be updated to ARC OxTV branding)

PPI payments policy
ExpensesInformation on how to claim expenses and directions for downloading the current University of Oxford expenses form.

Note: most documents will be reviewed and updated on an annual basis.