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Key points:

  • clahrc-publications-checklist_update.pngARC Core to be notified and forwarded a copy of accepted publications at least 28 days before publication to pass on to NIHR CCF (preferably on the date they are accepted).
  • ARC Core to be notified and forwarded any press releases at least  14 days before planned issue date  to pass on to NIHR CCF/Department of Health and Social Care.
  • Download the publications checklist here.

Accepted publications

ARC Oxford and THames Valley is contractually obliged to provide a copy of papers/articles acknowledging the ARC to the NIHR Central Commissioning Facility (CCF) 28 days before they are due to be published.

We appreciate that this is not always feasible or possible to give 28 days notice, for example in the case of expedited publications (e.g. The Lancet's fast-track process). However, in such instances the ARC must notify the CCF as soon as this is known.

Please send your draft publications to the generic ARC email address and we will pass them on to NIHR CCF for approval.

Detail to include:

  • Copy of the accepted manuscript
  • Journal name (occasionally this isn't present in the manuscript)
  • Planned publication date if known (otherwise please update us once it is known)
  • Whether or not any publicity is planned (see press releases below)

If you're not sure whether your publication should acknowledge the ARC, as therefore that the ARC should be notified, please see the 'Should I acknowledge the NIHR?' tab.

Note: Researchers employed through the University of Oxford are required to deposit accepted manuscripts (final peer-reviewed version) into the ORA repository within three months of acceptance. For details of how to do this, visit:

Press releases for publications:

Some publications may result in press releases, either from departments, institutions or the journals themselves.

It is imperative that the ARC and the NIHR CCF are notified of the intention to issue a press release.

A draft press release or media materials must be sent to the NIHR CCF at least 14 days before the planned issue date, including any press releases to be issued by the publisher. All embargoes will be respected by the ARC, NIHR and the DH.

Please contact the communications lead ( copying in the generic ARC email address and we will pass them on to NIHR CCF for approval.

Other publicity or media

In the event that there is any other publicity or media attached to your ARC related work, please let the ARC core team know as soon as possible. 

We may even be able to help, for example by providing media training, support for public engagement events, funding, and so on.