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Apostolos Tsiachristas


Associate Professor

Economic evaluation of complex health interventions

Apostolos is an Associate Professor at the Health Economics Research Centre (HERC), University of Oxford, where he is leading a programme of research that focuses mainly on the economic evaluation of new models of care delivery and organization as well as on financial incentives in healthcare. In collaboration with allied departments at Oxford University, Apostolos is involved in several experimental and observational studies across a wide range of services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment in diverse clinical areas including mental health, geriatrics, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. Apostolos’ work is mainly funded by British organizations (e.g. NIHR, Welcome Trust, and Clinical Commissioning Groups) and the European Commission. He also holds a honorary contract at Public Health England where he advises on matters related to COVID-19 and mental health. 

Apostolos has developed international reputation in this area of research through more than 60 scientific publications and book chapters as well as numerous presentations at prestigious conferences. As a recognised expert in payments and financing of chronic care, he has given invited talks, keynote speeches, and advise to several governments (e.g. UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia, and Australia) as well as to national (e.g. Royal Society of Medicine in London, NHS England, Diabetes UK, and Austrian Platform for Personalized Medicine) and international organisations (e.g. European Commission and World Health Organization). Apostolos’ work has received substantial attention in (social) media outlets and has influenced health policy and clinical guidelines (e.g. the Early Intervention in Psychosis Programme of NHS England, and the Cervical Cancer Screening Programme of Public Health England).

Apostolos has coordinated and taught in numerous undergraduate, postgraduate, and professional courses in health economics in Oxford and Rotterdam and has supervised several postgraduate students. Apostolos holds editorial positions in four scientific journals, he is member of several committees, and he is affiliated to Oxford's Green Templeton College.

Prior to his current position, Apostolos undertook research at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and consultancy work at Aarts Public Economics in The Hague.