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Edoardo G. Ostinelli

MD, Psychiatrist

Senior Researcher, OxPPL Deputy Lead

  • Senior Researcher & Deputy Lead, Oxford Precision Psychiatry Lab (OxPPL), Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
  • DPhil Candidate, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford
  • CRF Senior Medic, NIHR Oxford cognitive health Clinical Research Facility, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford
  • Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust, Oxford

I am reading for a NIHR DPhil in Psychiatry under the supervision of Professor Andrea Cipriani. My doctoral project is funded by the NIHR Oxford and Thames Valley Applied Research Collaboration OTV ARC, a collaboration of health and social care focused organisations (including universities, local NHS trusts, councils and charities) working together in the Oxford and Thames Valley region. The NIHR OTV ARC is hosted by Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and led by the University of Oxford’s Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Science.

My focus is on the implementation of evidence-based medicine in real-world practice, working closely with experts and collaborators in precision medicine, statistics, and clinical decision-making (Universities of Bern, Kyoto, London, Munich, Ottawa, Tokyo, and Toronto).

During 2022, I developed the PETRUSHKA web tool in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science. The PETRUSHKA tool is an online interactive clinical decision support system (CDSS) which seeks to individualise treatment with antidepressants for patients with depression, using 1) data from randomised controlled trials, 2) data from observational studies, and 3) preferences elicited in real-time by individual patients using the PETRUSHKA tool. We are currently testing the PETRUSHKA tool in a randomised controlled trial across the United Kingdom and Canada, of which I am the Lead Investigator for the United Kingdom. Discover more on the PETRUSHKA trial here!

I also lecture on different subject areas related to psychiatry and research methodology for the MSc Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience Course within the University of Oxford; precision mental health at the Master in Evidence-based therapeutic approaches and evaluation methods for prevention and early intervention in mental health within the University of Verona; evidence synthesis methodology and how to perform basic and advanced meta-analysis on R at the Oxford Course on Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis for the University of Oxford; communication of benefit-risk information from network meta-analyses at the Oxford Course in Network Meta-Analysis for the University of Oxford.

Key publications

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