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The NIHR Applied Research Collaboration (ARC) Oxford and Thames Valley is thrilled to announce it has received an 18-month extension to its research programme, thanks to additional funding from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC). This extension, which runs until March 2026, provides the ARC with £2.7 million to continue its vital work in the region.

The extension is more than just extra time; it's an opportunity for the ARC to refocus its priorities, building on its existing work and collaborations and pivoting its objectives to ensure they are aligned with the priority areas health and care landscape important to communities within the Thames Valley.

Professor Richard Hobbs, Director of the NIHR ARC OxTV, expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunities this extension provides: “We've made significant strides in addressing key health priorities already. With this extension, we can continue to collaborate closely with our partners to make a real difference in the health and well-being of our communities.”

The focus remains on improving the health and care system's sustainability and driving better outcomes for patients and the public, and will include new research on public health, social care, mental health, digital innovation, and health equality.

The ARC has also reaffirmed its commitment to its partners, highlighting the crucial role of collaborative work with local government and community organisations, and especially the Integrated Care Board (ICB) of Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire (BOB) and Frimley, and Health Innovation Oxford.

Dr Raj Bajwa, Clinical Lead for Strategy, Research and Innovation and Partnership Working at BOB ICB, and practicing GP, said: "BOB ICB is delighted that NIHR ARC OxTV has received this extension.  This really enhances our collaborative efforts to transforming health and care research in the Thames Valley. The ARC's focus on public health, social care, and health equality resonates with our commitment at the BOB ICB to improving patient outcomes and community well-being. We look forward to continued partnership in this vital work, ensuring a sustainable and impactful health and care system in our region."

Dr Paula Wray, Senior Manager of the NIHR ARC OxTV, said: “The ARC’s partners, including NHS trusts, Community and Voluntary Sector organisations, patients and the public along with the BOB & Frimley Integrated Care Board, are integral to the success of the programme. Their continued support and willing involvement have been, and will continue to be, essential in aligning the work and initiatives we support with what’s needed in the region, ensuring that projects deliver real-world benefits.”

Moreover, the ARC will also continue to foster academic and clinical career development – through its successful Senior Fellowship and Clinical Academic Internship programmes – public and community involvement, and the integration of research into practice. This approach aims to cultivate the next generation of researchers and healthcare leaders, ensuring the sustainability of health research and innovation in the region.